Meet Heather

Heather McRae

As your Ward 7 councillor, I will

Listen – I believe in real engagement and two-way conversations

Respond – I will be accessible and responding to inquiries within two business days will be the new normal

Collaborate – By building bridges with members of council, businesses and residents of Ward 7

Be accountable – through transparency with an annual report on key commitments

I’ve been a community builder for decades, with a track record of listening to stakeholders, uniting them for a common purpose and affecting change. This is reflected in the many city-defining sporting and cultural initiatives I spearheaded early on in my career. I have brought together diverse stakeholders and leaders to address important issues for our city’s youth; run political campaigns and helped to develop a sustainable vision for Calgary’s green spaces. 



As a small business owner, parent, community volunteer and engaged citizen, I’ve sat at the table with city, community and business leaders and championed the importance of community - where we live, work and play. Strong community makes our work places stronger, our communities healthier and our citizens more resilient. 



My drive to serve on council comes from working in and with the community throughout my career. Success will come from a commitment and experience in fostering two-way conversations and meaningful engagement, bridging divides and leveraging the strength of community to deliver results.