Climate-friendly solutions for our city

There is a climate emergency. Calgary has the technical expertise, the resources and desire to invest in climate solutions. What can the City do? 

  1. Invest in transit. More service frequency means more riders. Investment in transit routes focused on growing ridership means less traffic, reduced GHG and better outcomes for the environment.
  2. Double down on Calgary’s biodiversity. Recent heat waves have shown the importance of the tree canopy. We need to close loopholes and ensure investment in plants and trees in our city.
  3. Charging stations for e-vehicles. We will all likely be driving e-vehicles at some point in the future. Battery technology is changing quickly. We need to embrace this change and ensure new buildings and existing infrastructure can accommodate these vehicles.  


Electric-vehicle charging infrastructure - We must ensure that infrastructure is in place to support Calgarians in their transition to cleaner vehicles. This includes incenting existing residential and commercial developments to add charging stations to parkades.  

Green-spaces - protecting our outdoor spaces. Healthy communities thrive where shared spaces flourish. Planting of trees and plants must be part of every inner city redevelopment. Supporting biodiversity will result in healthier and more walkable communities.

Infrastructure - Public transit projects such as the Green Line are an investment in Calgary’s future. It will improve mobility for Calgarians, connect communities, employment hubs and key destinations across our city. The Green Line will contribute significantly to meeting municipal, provincial and federal environmental plans. Our existing C-Train is overwhelmingly popular and has amongst the highest ridership of LRT systems anywhere.* Let’s celebrate and build on that success by enhancing transit service for Calgarians. Increased frequency is the greatest driver of ridership; an investment that is good for the health of our citizens and our city.

*Green Energy Futures