• Working for you

    Whether it’s working with Calgary’s non-profit community or the private sector, my experience and drive to serve on council comes from working in and with communities.

    I want to work with you. Your phone calls, texts and emails will be returned within 48 hours. 

  • Climate-friendly solutions for our city

    There is a climate emergency. Calgary has the technical expertise, the resources and desire to invest in climate solutions. What can the City do? 

    1. Invest in transit. More service frequency means more riders. Investment in transit routes focused on growing ridership means less traffic, reduced GHG and better outcomes for the environment.
    2. Double down on Calgary’s biodiversity. Recent heat waves have shown the importance of the tree canopy. We need to close loopholes and ensure investment in plants and trees in our city.
    3. Charging stations for e-vehicles. We will all likely be driving e-vehicles at some point in the future. Battery technology is changing quickly. We need to embrace this change and ensure new buildings and existing infrastructure can accommodate these vehicles.  


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  • Smart growth that builds community, not just buildings

    We need growth that balances the needs of the people who live in Ward 7 and the businesses that employ them, and contributes to thriving communities.  

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  • Investing in our community - improving infrastructure

    We must improve infrastructure to keep Ward 7 accessible for everyone.

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  • Support for small businesses

    Simplifying business processes that enable more local start-ups in our communities will be my priority. Restaurateurs, retailers and local artists have told me that access to small spaces, microsites (500-1000sq ft), would provide them with affordable, low risk space to test new and innovative ideas. Microsites will be key in revitalizing our downtown core.

  • My pledge to you

    My pledge for transparency

    We will be posting our donor list throughout the campaign.

    See the list here: Donor List

    My pledge for being responsive to you

    You will receive a response to inquiries within two business days.

    My pledge to focus on issues that matter

    We need to focus on our role with climate change, developing new economic opportunities and driving forward for a new future for Calgary. 

  • Building a Vibrant Ward 7

    A healthy community is one that makes it easy for you to get around and means the foundations are in place for a connected community where we live, work and play. It’s easy to walk through, easy to bike in, and has good transit options, while respecting your need to drive.

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  • Tuning out the noise

    For more than a year we have taken refuge in our communities; we’ve seen neighbours lend a helping hand, we’ve visited family and friends on driveways and in parks, and we’ve greeted strangers on the street with a smile. We have rediscovered the importance of community.

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  • Downtown Revitalization

    What got us to where we are won’t take us where we need to go. We need community and business-focused ideas to shape the future of our downtown and ensure it becomes a destination and experience for Calgarians and visitors to enjoy.

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  • Green Means Go

    The Green Line is an investment in Calgary’s future. It will improve mobility for Calgarians, connect communities, employment hubs and key destinations across our city.

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